Details will be posted here for future events.

Click here for pictures from the 2016 event .
Click here for pictures from the 2017 event.

Check out the Moccasin canoe page for information about this simple and versatile 14′ canoe with tons of pictures and information about the boat. 50% deposit due at time of registration.

Check out the Amanda page for details. Originally designed with the Wooden Boat show in mind, the Amanda is a 12′ dinghy that can be built in 3 days without compromising quality or stability.

So how do I sign up?
Please contact Alan Stewart at 919-923-1464 or email: with subject “Family Boatbuilding Mystic”

What is included?
We include ALL the wooden parts AND consumables needed to build the boat EXCEPT finishing products such as paint or varnish.

-Complete CNC cut plywood kit.
-Custom CNC cut “Nameplate” start thinking about what you’ll name your new boat.
-CNC cut cradle for building.
-Solid wood pre-cut to size.
-Any hardware needed for assembly.
-Epoxy package with pumps. Enough to complete the boat.
-Fiberglass tape.
-Mixing sticks and mixing cups.
-Disposable Gloves.
-Foam rollers for epoxy coating.
-Paddle shaft and seat for Moccasin.
-Mast, Boom, Sail, hardware and all rigging for Amanda.

Please read: our Notes on Safety, the Suggested tool list, and Frequently Asked Questions below.

In addition, we include a days worth of “pre-assembly” of the main hull panels of the Moccasin and the Amanda so that the boats are ready to fold up into shape when you arrive. This is necessary so that the boats can be completed in time.

Notes on Safety and what to bring:
First and foremost we want everyone at the boat show to have a good time. This means we want everyone to be safe working with tools and epoxy. Epoxy and fiberglass is easy to work with and very safe but you don’t want to get it in your eyes and it will ruin clothing. Please bring your own PPE (personal protective equipment)  You will need to bring for each person working on the project:

Respiratory protection: Dust masks for sanding, or filter mask if you are especially sensitive to dust.  Bring enough to allow 2-3 per person per day. We may have some extra but not enough so bring your own.

Eye protection: Safety glasses or goggles.

Ear protection:  Ear plugs or headsets. While you don’t need a power sander or a vacuum cleaner you are welcome to bring them.

Skin protection:  We will providing nitrile gloves in the consumables pack for each boat.

We recommend you wear old work clothes – it is impossible to get epoxy out of clothing.


Please bring the following Tools:
Hammer or mallet
Cordless Drill and various drill bits
#2 Philips head screwdriver or drill driver
At least 20 c-clamps, Spring Clamps, or PVC pipe clamps (capable of opening at least 2″)
Plane: #4 Stanley or equivalent and/or a block plane
Small hand saw or Japanese saw
Tape Measure
Sand paper in various grits: of 60 – 120
Sanding block
Putty knives: 1″ and 4-6″ for cleaning fillets and fairing.

Palm sander or orbital sander. This will speed up sanding but careful workmanship will make for very little sanding.

Frequently asked Questions:      (We’ll add more as we get them)

Can I participate by myself?
Sorry, it’s just too much work for 1 person to complete in the time we will have. 2 persons minimum please. (Adult and child is fine). Be ready to work! The Amanda is more involved than the Moccasin. 3 people would be better!

Will my boat be totally done when I leave?
Define done. A hand made boat is by definition never “finished” but we try never to send a boat home that isn’t “complete” meaning everything glued in place. Most builders should have their boats coated with epoxy and ready to hit the water at the end of the show however you’ll go home with leftover epoxy if you still have some coating left to do. Painting and or varnishing is up to you. We will be happy to recommend products to use.

How will I get the boat home?
Please plan on carrying your boat home with you on roof racks or foam blocks on your car. We won’t be able to carry any assembled boats back with us! The Amanda will fit on the roof of a medium-large wagon or SUV or pickup truck. If you are not planning to bring a trailer for the Amanda, make sure your car will handle it and you bring an appropriate amount of line, straps, 2x4s, and duct tape!

How to I sign up?
See above. :)