Purchasing Plans and Kits

How to Order:
We do not have online ordering of plans. Please contact us by phone or email. We would be happy to let you know the latest info on our kits and answer any questions you may have. After your order is placed, we will send you an E-invoice with a link to our “online checkout” system where you can enter you payment information directly. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, or mail us a check (US only).

When you order your plan from B&B you don’t just get a plan, you get a promise from us to support you and help you see your project to completion. We constantly receive feedback from our builders and use this to improve our products. Above all, we strive to give each builder the best experience possible. Click below to jump to current prices.

Basic Plans:
Our plans are printed to order in house and shipped directly to you. The majority of our plans are printed on 11″ x 17″ (tabloid) size paper. Larger or more complex designs will come on larger 24″ x 36″ (ARCH D) size sheets. Plans sets are complete detailed instructions that provide all necessary information to complete the boat. Please be sure to specify the exact plan you want when ordering – if you want a nested dinghy, please be clear – they are not the same plan pack as the standard versions. For our non-USA customers: We send metric** plans as the standard. If you prefer to have imperial measurements please specify that in your order. **Note that a few of our plans have not yet been translated into metric.

Full size templates:
Our powerboat plans and our more complex designs such as the Core Sound 17 and 20 Mark 3 have been carefully nested into full size mylar templates which are printed on 24″ wide translucent sheets. Though it is more expensive, mylar is ideal for large patterns because it is impervious to humidity, tearing, and is dimensionally stable. The full size templates, allow any builder to transfer the exact part shape directly to the building material without any lofting

Assembly Manuals:
For our more complex designs such as the Core Sound 17 and 20 Mark 3 we are working hard to develop an assembly manual complete with detailed step by step procedures and dozens of annotated drawings. In this case, the assembly manual is a more natural companion to the full size templates or parts kit because many of the meticulous dimensioned drawings are no longer needed. Available assembly manuals can be download from our downloads page for a modest fee.

Plans are shipped via USPS Priority mail unless otherwise requested. We insure USA delivery only if you request Priority or Express with insurance for replacement service at an additional fee. Special mailing applications may cost more, please contact us to verify costs for Express, Registered, Certified, Insured or other special needs. Multiple plans cost less sent in one package and we will pass the savings on to you.  All USA plans are shipped Priority mail and 11X17 format plans will ship flat rate. Template plans and rolls will be charged based on the plans (weight) and the the zip code.

All International 11X17 paper plans will be shipped Priority International (to most countries). This service is about 6-12 working days depending on the country. For faster (3-6 working days) delivery we use International Express, with a price quote per your country on request. International template (rolls) plans are shipped Global Priority or Express (highly recommended), prices variable: will be per the weight of the package and the country to which it is shipped. Some International plan packages require a customs declaration.

Note: If your country has unreliable postal service, We would suggest that you upgrade to Express mail. There are some countries that the US Postal service will ONLY allow us to ship to via Express, or by courier (USPS Global Express Guaranteed delivery which is contracted through Federal Express (FedEX).

Be aware, a small number of items do get lost, and if we find yours missing and was insured, we will replace it for free. Most are lost outside of the US. Please asses your postal system to determine if you need to pay for insurance.

Paddling BoatsCostKit Available
Moccasin 12’/12’9″ open canoe;single or double paddle, single person 38.00-
Moccasin 14 canoe. Available as a Kit.
Moccasin 2 15′ open canoe for single or double paddle, two people 44.00-
Flyfisher 13’ a wider, more stable canoe for fishing
Birder 13’ single person decked kayak
Birder 2 15’8″ two person decked kayak
Diva 15’ 8″ Greenland style touring kayak

Dinghies and TendersCostKit Available
Minipaw 6’ 6" rowing tender50.00-
Catspaw 7' rowing tender
Catspaw our classic 8’ sail/row/motor dinghy, a cruising standard
Two-Paw a nesting version of the classic 8 59.00-
Catspaw 9 a larger version of Catspaw for the larger boat
Two-Paw 9 a nesting version of the Catspaw 9
Spindrift 9 a cat rig sailing dinghy or great yacht tender for oar/motor/sail
Spindrift 9N nesting version
Spindrift 10 cat rig dinghy racer or tender for sail, motor, or oar
Spindrift 10N nesting version of this most popular design
Spindrift 11 a nice dinghy for the family
Spindrift 11N nesting version
Spindrift 12 one of our most popular small boats. A blast to sail.
Mandy/Amanda 12′ knockabout skiff

Open Day SailersCostKit Available
Bay River Skiff 17 a bigger more powerful version of above70.00-
Lapwing 16 A lapstrake (clinker built) round bilge hull. With full size templates130.00not yet
Core Sound 15 a great single-hander or bring some friends76.00YES
Core Sound 17 sounds and coastal daysailer/camper 86.00YES details
Core Sound 20 larger more powerful in open water, larger loads 96.00YES

Camper SailersCostFull Size MylarsKit Available
Core Sound 17 Mark 3220.00YESYES
Core Sound 20 Mark 3220.00YESYES
Everglades Challenge 22 comes with full size patterns and building CD 220.00
Belhaven 19 daysail, weekend or vacation with full interior
Princess Sharpie 22 daysailer, weekender
Princess Sharpie 26 daysailer, weekender, coastal vacation boat
Princess Sharpie 28350.00-

Power BoatsCostFull Size MylarsKit Available
Jessy 12 12′ planing runnabout 58.00YES
Bay River Runner 15′ runabout: planing version of the Bay River Skiff
Marissa center console runabout includes full size templates + hull panel templates260.00YESYES
Outer Banks 20 Lobster boat style cruiser: includes full size templates 300.00YESYES
Outer Banks 24 Bigger version of the Outer Banks 20. with full 6’3″ standing head room in the cabin: includes full size templates350.00YES-
Ocracoke 20 center console runabout includes full size templates250.00
Ocracoke 20-B 20' center console with an integral bracket. 270.00
Ocracoke 24 center console runabout includes full size templates350.00
Ocracoke 256450.00YESYES
Cape Lookout 28450.00YESYES