Epoxy Supplies

We sell epoxy! Compliment your new B&B kit with our specially formulated epoxy.B&B epoxy

We use our epoxy every day in our shop prototyping and building new boats and we buy in bulk so you don’t have to. We carry slow and fast hardener. Our epoxy packs that ship with our boat kits include our special “B&B blend” filler which is a blended thickener that matches the color of Okume plywood and is creamier and smoother to work with. We also carry Cabosil and Microspheres.

Epoxy Kits:

1 1/2 gal (1 gal resin + 1/2 gal hardener)  $88.50

3 gal (2 gal resin + 1 gal hardener) $177.00

Metered pumps: $5.00 each (hardener pump includes stop collar for 2:1 ratio).

Call or email to order: bandbkitboats@gmail.com or 919-923-1464