test post NCUM 2017

B&B Boats take First and Second in the North Carolina Ultra Marathon 2017

Congratulations to Taylor and Alan Stewart (Ginger and SOS) aboard Core Sound 17 “Southbound” and Matt Pinkley and Chris Elwell (PinkDog and ChangBiZi) aboard Core Sound 17 “Half Fast”. Both teams sailed their Core Sound 17 in extremely trying conditions and became the only two finishers this year. For race info check out Watertribe NCC. 
For more pictures and video of the start join the watertribe facebook page. . There is also some discussion on the forum.

“Half Fast” finishing the NCC at Cedar Island. Extreme low water in Clubfoot creek forced them to take Adams Creek to CP1 in Beaufort before completing the circuit back to Cedar Island.

Taylor and Alan finish with mizzen only (no we didn’t break a mast). High winds and low water made this year a very challenging sail.