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Spindrift Video Gallery

Have a good video of your Spindrift sailing or rowing? email us the link!

Lots more videos on our YouTube channel

Steve Warfle posted some great sailing videos of his S11-N “Suzy J”

Great video of Steve’s S11 in the 10000 islands region.

Spindrift 10 recovering from a capsize. Joe Anderson demonstrates proper recovery technique. 2 gallons of water are left to bail!

Joe took it one step further and showed that the boat could be easily righted without the help of the centerboard.

Towing a Spindrift. We recommend that for towing in a chop at speed that the bailer be left open as it will constantly empty the boat of accumulating spray.

A great compilation of another Spindrift build.

Spindrift 11N under power. An 8ph motor is NOT recommended.