Catspaw Pram

The Catspaw and "Two-Paw" Nesting Prams are very popular among cruising sailors with limited deck space. Once you have a hard dinghy you'll never go back! Below, our own Catspaw 8 built in 1979 in the middle east. Shown below cruising Turkey in 1981. Our cat loved to ride in the dinghy and often "helped" with design work...hence the name.

For a working tender there is nothing quite as efficient as a pram design. It offers the greatest load carrying ability in the shortest length. Hence the degree of care and design detail we have put into these little boats. A tender must be versatile and do several things well - a tall order in a small package. All of the models row and tow beautifully. The 8' and 9' models also sail and can take a small motor. This versatility and sparkling performance is something no inflatable can offer. Of course if you have larger boat or need to use your dinghy primarily as a recreational sailer - you might prefer one of our line of Spindrift dinghy/tenders.

Both 8’ & 9’ plans show either bermudian or sprit rig sailplan options. The Catspaw 8 package also offers two layouts (center seat or side seat tanks). Small boats and/or small crew, try the Mini-paw or Catspaw 7, average size boat and crew, the 8' Catspaw is the classic standard for a hardworking dinghy with sailing capability. If you have a little more room, enjoy the enhanced sailing and greater carrying of the Catspaw 9. 

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Click the link below to see more information about a specific model. Note: We are in the process of getting more info up very soon particularly on our kit offerings.

Model Length* Max Beam** Weight (lbs) Max HP Sail Area Capacity
Minipaw 6'  6"  3'  9" 38-45 Row N/A 2
Catspaw 7 7' 3'  11" 50-60 Row N/A 2-3
Catspaw 8  8' 4' 1" 60-70 2 36 3-4
Catspaw 9 9' 4' 3" 70-80 3 45 3-4
Two-Paw 7 7' / 3' 8" 3'  9" 55-65 Row N/A 2-3
Two-Paw 8 8' / 4' 1" 4'  1" 65-75 2 36 3-4
Two-Paw 9 9' / 4' 7" 4'  3" 75-85 3 45 3-4

* Lengths are given as assembled/nested length
** Beam to th outside of the gunwale and fendering.
Capacity: Number of persons the boat can carry in normal conditions. 

Note: that due to the inherent lack of flotation, NESTING dinghies should always be used with inflatable flotation bags to ensure positive buoyancy especially when used with an outboard. If you're not sure if floatation bags are needed you should perform a swamp test in shallow water and as always make sure you have a system for self recovery after a capsize such as a way to re-board and de-water the boat.