Mini Trimaran

The new "Mini Trimaran" as it is being called (for now) is an evolution of our work in small multihulls over the years. It combines elements of the successful Expedition Sailing Canoe and the "kayak trimaran" named 'Spongebob' into a new vessel. Hull #1 was cut out as a CNC kit in July 2020 and is now in the process of going through sea trials. Click here for Construction Photos of hull #1  You can get a sneak peak of the builders guide here.

Features of hull #1 included a roller furling mainsail and headsail for easy reefing and a boom for superior sail control. For Hull #2 we went back to a non rotating mast with slab reefing and single line reefing instead. The amas retract into the center crossbeams to reduce the overall beam for trailering without having to demount the amas. A stern cockpit with a large kayak style cockpit coaming can be used with a spray skirt. Steering is accomplished with foot pedal controls or a tiller. The boat can also be sailed from the center cockpit and there is optional space to install a hobie mirage drive in the center cockpit. Ample storage for a full expedition load. The center cockpit is flanked by a pair of "wing decks" which are large enough for sleeping aboard with a bivy or cockpit tent. A leeboard is controlled with lines running to the aft cockpit. The hull incorporates an integral spray chine above the water line to increase cockpit comfort while maintaining a narrow waterline beam of 19 1/2" 


Length: 18’ 6”
Sailing Beam: 11’
Trailering Beam: 6’ 8-3/4”
Working Sail: 100 sqft
Optional Spinnaker: 80 sqft
Empty weight: ~290lbs
Gear/water capacity: 150lbs
Full Load Displacement: 620lbs (solo)
PPI: 117lbs (pounds per 1” immersion
Ama buoyancy: 275lbs 


Above: Hull #1 freshly painted. April 2021

Latest News:
Plans and a CNC kit for this design are coming soon. Hull #1 and 2 are currently in testing and prototyping phases and we look forward to improving the design of the rigging and kit for future builders. 

Video from first Sea Trials in Jan. 2021. We were very pleased with the performance and look forward to further testing the rigging and design in preparation for releasing plans and kits for this design. You can note in the video that the boat is being sailed totally empty so the bow rides a bit high. 


Hull #1 made the trip to the 2021 B&B Messabout and we had a chance to test here out. 


Hull #2 was completed and launched in January 2022. Changes to the design include adding some legroom to the aft cabin, and including space for a hobie mirage drive well in the center cockpit. Hull #2 does not have a roller furling mainsail but instead more traditional slab reefing. A Core Sound 17 mainsail is now the primary working sail and a furling code zero is again used for light air and an off the wind boost. 

Hull #2 sailing in stronger winds on Lake Guntersville, Alabama. Training for the 2022 Everglades Challenge,