Temperature Control for Epoxy

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An Epoxy dispenser will save you time:
We highly recommend an epoxy dispenser such as the Sticky Stuff Dispenser for larger boat projects but even for smaller projects if you expect to work with epoxy and build more boats this is a very very worthwhile investment. You will save many hours over the length of your project dispensing epoxy with one quick motion and a perfectly calibrated amount of resin and hardener each time. You don't have to count or keep track of which one you pumped first and risk being off ratio. 


The dispenser above has an extended handle which allows a foam cooler to fit around it. 

Click here to see more pictures of this setup

Upgrade with temperature control:
You can put your epoxy jugs in a foam cooler even if you don't have a dispenser. Keeping your epoxy warm (we like 80F) means that it is easy to pump, mixes quickly and most importantly wets out glass easily especially on a colder day in the workshop.

We have had excellent results using a 50W silicone oil pan heater controlled by a temperature regulator. (see below). A regulator is needed to keep the reservoirs from getting too hot. A warming pad or light bulb could also be used with a regulator for similar results. 

The silicone heater pad is stuck to a "heat sink" so that the heat is better distributed to the frame of the dispenser otherwise you could run the risk of a hot spot on the plastic tanks shortening it's life. The heating pad has an adhesive backing and is stuck to a 1/2" piece of aluminum bar. You can get that from many places online such as online metals 1/2" x 2" x 12" aluminum bar

Above, the silicone heating pad stuck to an aluminum bar pressed up against the underside of the pumps metal frame with a small L bracket bolted to the lower pump manifold bolt. A block of wood wedges the pad and aluminum into place. The white wire is the temperature probe. 

With the heating pad connected to the temperature regulator and the temperature probe taped to the side of the tank you are good to go just set the temperature to the desired point and the regulator turns on and off the heater as needed. Add a foam enclosure to reduce losses but it works fine without if you don't care it will just cycle more often depending on the ambient temperature. 



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