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Moccasin 14' Canoe

Moccasin 14 Review by Small Boats Monthly's Christopher Cunningham. Read it here

  • Assembly Manual - Moccasin 14 Canoe

    Assembly Manual - Moccasin 14 Canoe

    Assembly Manual: Do not buy this if you are purchasing the full plans. These are included with the plans.  This is a intended as a step by step document that details all aspects of construction. This is not something we do for all of our...

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  • Moccasin Canoe "Tractor" Seat Plans

    Moccasin Canoe "Tractor" Seat Plans

    You can build the canoe seat we have designed for our Moccasin 14 Canoe for your boat too. All you need is some scrap 4mm and 6mm plywood, epoxy and cabosil thickener for fillets. Print out our 1:1 templates at "actual size" on your printer, double check...

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  • Moccasin 14' Canoe Plans

    Moccasin 14' Canoe Plans

    The Moccasin 14 is a stable solo canoe that is simple to build and suitable for extended camping, fishing or just messing about. Originally designed to satisfy the need for a small easy to portage tripping canoe for the World...

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