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LOA………12′  [3.66] m
Beam………4′-51/2”  [1.36] m
Draft………6″ – 33″ [0.15 – 0.83]m
Sail………68 sq. ft. [6.32 sqm] Weight………~150 lbs [~68]kg
Engine………2 – 6 hp (not required)
Max Capacity….600lb

The Amanda can be built from our kit or from plans. The kit can be built very quickly and easily using our gear chine© method of hull construction. The Amanda features a cockpit with full length seat tanks, dagger board and a mast collar for a simple lug rig.  The seat tanks provide the buoyancy necessary for successful capsize recoveries, an essential feature of a small boat. This combined with our single line reefing system makes the Amanda ready for skippers of all skill levels.

In 2011, Wooden Boat asked B&B to participate in their annual family boat building event at the Wooden Boat show in Mystic, Connecticut. Needing a new design to bring to the event Graham set to work designing a boat that would not compromise safety or stability, nor ease of construction.

”We wanted a boat that would be a great family knockabout. She should have lots of stability so that a less than perfect skipper could have fun in her and feel safe. Good load carrying for a family. Be able to pull a trap over the side or to stand up and cast as well as having enough stability to carry a good size sail in a breeze. The stern should have enough buoyancy to carry a passenger while rowing or carry up to a 6 HP motor on the transom.” -Graham Byrnes


Alan is putting “Mandy” through her paces. He found her to be well balanced, close winded with a good turn of speed and a solid comfortable feeling. The green hull Sase-Amanda (below) was built at Mystic in 2011 and was finished off after the show with twin electric outboards and solar panels. The PVC solar/awning frame and outboards can be removed in a couple of minutes and it reverts back to a rowing or sailing skiff. With a 4 hp outboard and 2 adults plus an 80 lb dog, our top speed was 6.8 knots. For a pure power version of the Amanda see the Jessy 12.



CNC cut Plywood Kit:

The basic kit consists of  all the plywood parts needed to complete the Amanda as well as the CNC machined rudder and dagger board. Also included are the fore and aft building cradles which fold flat when not in use.

This kit faithfully produces a perfectly developed Amanda hull. Our kits are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances. Instead of plain cut plywood panels, your kit will come with various joining methods which will make it much easier and much faster to assemble. The plywood for the hull panels and longitudinal bulkheads are joined using machined finger scarfs which produce a simple and effective plywood joint for scarfing the long side and bottom panels. Wire holes for stitching are pre-drilled for you. Bulkheads, both transverse and longitudinal, are tenoned into position. Stringer positions are “CNC-drawn” onto the side panels and bulkheads are cut to accommodate the stringers. For pictures of Amandas being assembled  go to the ALBUM.

Epoxy/Glass Package

The Epoxy and glass package is based on historical use of materials and waste conscious building. Some builders choose to cover the entire bottom of the boat with fiberglass cloth which we can supply if desired.
-4.5 gallons of B&B brand 2:1 epoxy
-2 metered pumps
-Two 150 foot rolls of 3″ wide fiberglass tape.
-Two pounds of our “B&B blend” epoxy thickener (cabosil epoxy thickener with wood flour added to improve consistency and color.)

 Mast Tube: 

The first Amanda was built with a beautiful birdsmouth wood mast made of spruce. The plans show both masts in detail so feel free to build a wooden mast if you so choose (note: material for wooden mast is NOT included in the kit or the solid wood kit). Personally, we don’t mind the looks of a nice aluminum mast and value the low maintenance and light weight that it offers. The mast tube for the Amanda is a 12′ length of 6061-T6 aluminum 2.5″ OD x .065 wall thickness. Mast plugs for the top and bottom of the mast are provided in the basic kit.

 Standard hardware/Rigging/Lines Kit: 

B&B offers a complete hardware package for the Amanda that includes all of the sailing hardware you will need to get your boat sailing.  There are many ways to rig a boat and even more opinions on how it should be done. We have come up with a simple rigging package that we know will get you on the water. (note: see below, fasterners are not included)

By all means, if you would like to customize your rigging go right ahead but we think you will find that the stock configuration is very well thought out. If you would like to make minor changes to your order just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. Many sailors like to have an Anderson Bailer in the boat to help siphon water out after a capsize for example.

-All blocks, lines and cleats for standard rigging.
-Rudder hardware with tiller extension hardware.
-2″ Oarlock and side mounted oar sockets.
-One 6″ beckson screw in port for the forward bulkhead to stow the odd jacket cellphone or bag lunch.

NOTE: Stainless steel Nuts and Bolts and screws for installation of hardware (called out in the plans) are NOT INCLUDED. These are easily obtained at your local hardware store. Being a small operation, keeping track of each nut and bolt for each kit is simply too much for us to deal with.

Sail: Amanda’s balanced lug sail includes a single reef point, insignia, and sail number. Sorry we only offer the sail in white.

What else will I need?
Solid wood, Note: The solid wood is NOT included in this kit. Solid wood can be purchased in long lengths at your local hardware store and ripped to size. We prefer to use Pine of Fir but any medium density wood can be used. A table saw and a jig or circular saw are all you’ll need to produce these parts. Don’t have a table saw or a friend with one? see our complete solid wood kit option. You will need to source the following.

-Boom and Yard 
-Side stringers

You’ll also need some basic consumables such as wire for “stitching” the hull together, mixing cups, gloves, mixing sticks, disposable paint brushes, foam rollers for coating with epoxy, sandpaper, vinegar or denatured alcohol for cleanup, etc. If your not familiar with epoxy or this building method give us a call and we’d be happy to talk you through it.Also, a small amount of stainless steel hardware is used during the build (for example, securing the breast-hook and gunwales in place while gluing). These can easily be picked up at your local hardware store.

Also once the boat is epoxy coated most builders choose to paint or at least varnish the boat to protect the epoxy coating which degrades in the sun in a matter of months. When you get to that stage, we’d be happy to offer advice.

How long does it take to get my kit?

All kits are made to order.  We require approximately a 4-6 week lead time before shipping depending on material in stock. The kit is packaged in a sturdy OSB plywood crate and epoxy and other materials accompany the crate in separate boxes. Shipping varies depending on your location of course. Anywhere from $250 to $450 depending on the options you choose. Don’t forget you can pick up your kit at our shop.

How do the kits arrive?
The kits are shipped by truck. Transit times are between 6-10 days depending on where you are located in continental USA. You will need to make arrangement to be able to receive a 4’x8′ crate that weighs approximately 250 lbs.

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    Amanda Digital Plans

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    Amanda 12' CNC KIT

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