Princess Sharpie 26'

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The Princess Sharpie 26 like her little sister, the Princess Sharpie 22, is an easy to build trailerable, beachable vessel.

The sharpie hull shape as developed for this has been well proven in the 22.

This boat also has the  V-bottom to maintain the handling and performance which has made her little sister such a joy to sail.

The boat has been designed for variable draft/ballast.  Whether you need ultra shallow draft for creeping into hidden creeks and the minimum trailering weight, or a bit more stability for open water, the boat can be built to suit your specific needs.  The boat is not intended to cruise around the world and pass the Great Capes, but if you choose the deeper draft and greater ballast, it is a boat that will not mind being caught out in a blow – and you will not have to wait out the weather until that one perfect day!  It will not disappoint in light air and takes the heavy stuff on the chin. 

The cat ketch rig is friendly and kindly to the crew.  The freedom of not having to tack wildly through a sudden storm  with all hands on deck makes family sailing a whole new experience. 


Again the offset centerboard makes the cabin much roomier and more open.  The open cabin layout allows for builder-owners to do a good deal of “customizing” of the interior within the parameters of the structural bulkhead requirements.  There is room for an enclosed head or relatively luxurious galley for the gourmet chef on board.  The layout shown is only one possibility, and we are always happy to work with our builders with ideas and guidance (not complete re-designs) to accommodate their needs.

In order to get the shallow draft and lightweight trailer-ability, we have have to forgo full standing headroom, but there is ample sitting headroom, even for tall people, at 5′.  However, in the standard layout and any variations, by placing the galley below the hatch, you do have standing headroom for cooking duties.  We may also look at the option of a “pop-top”, for those who want the headroom, even at the cost of added complication in building and added expense.

The basic hull construction, except for bottom forward section and the keel batten, is straight-forward stitch and glue. Building requires no special skills or tools. All the measurements needed to build are included with the plan.  Basic wood working skills are helpful, but if you have patience and are willing to do a little research, this could be a first project. 

 LOA………………..26′ 0″   7.92m
LWL………………..25′ 0″   7.62m 
BEAM……………… 8′ 0″  2.44m
DRAFT…………….. 1′ 4″ – 4′ 9″    .406m –  1.45m
SAIL AREA …….294 sq. ft. working sail including roach 27.31m
BOAT WEIGHT…2500# – 2700# (ballast 700#)
DISPLACEMENT 3700 lbs @ DWL 1.682t
Disp./L 106 —
PPI 635#  288k