Moccasin Double 15'6" Canoe

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  Moccasin Double
Length 15'-6"
W.L. Beam 33"
Max Beam 36"
Height 20" (bottom of keel to tip of bow)
Weight 47 lbs
Capacity 2 Adults +gear
Availability Plans and Kits (contact us for kit pricing)

 Links to Build Threads:

Tom Gomm's Moccasin 2: Build thread LINK

Purchasing Plans:
Plans for the Moccasin 15' 6" canoe are available as a hardcopy shipped to you or as an instant download upon purchase. See details below.  

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    Moccasin 15'6" Canoe Plans

    Moccasin 15'6" Canoe Plans

    Plans come printed on 11x17" Tabloid size paper. Shapes are measured and marked on plywood and cut with a saw. Pland do not include full size templates at this time. 
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  • Moccasin 15'6" Digital Plans

    Moccasin 15'6" Digital Plans

    Instructions for Digital Plans: Plans contain both Imperial AND Metric versions for simplicity. Use the one you are more comfortable with. We do not have an assembly manual specific to the Moccasin 15' 6" but we include the manual for the Moccasin 14...
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