Dinghies and Tenders

If you are in need of an easy to build and highly functional dinghy for teaching those little ones to sail, travel the world, or just throw in the back of your truck then look no further. With multiple sizes to choose from we know we have one that is perfect for you. 

The catspaw range are all pram bow dinghies. That means they have a transom on the bow and the stern. This allows the boat to have a longer waterline and fuller chine forward giving them similar properties to a larger boat without the extra length. This also gives them a slight edge in stability and load carrying capacity for the same length as compared to a "pointy bow" boat generally speaking. They excel when the boat needs to best and fit in a small space The rounded bow also makes them a little easier to maneuver around a cruising boat and the hull shape is very easily formed in plywood. The main downside to the pram bow dinghy is that they are a bit less weatherly under sail than the Spindrift as they don't cut through chop quite as well especially when heavily loaded. We offer the Catspaw and it's nesting sister the "Two-Paw" in 3 sizes (7, 8 and 9 feet). The smallest is a rowing only model while the 8' and 9' models can be fitted with a dagger board, rudder and sailing rig. Check it out

Our most popular and versatile sailing dinghy and a favorite of cruisers is the handsome, simple and fast Spindrift. The Spindrift is more shapely than the Catspaw and offered in 9' through 12' with nesting versions in all but the 12' length. Check it out

The Amanda was developed specifically for building in the short 3 day "family boat building" event at the Mystic Seaport Wooden Boat Festival in Connecticut. She was tremendously successful and the hull is easily formed and parts fit easily together. She is a great sailing, rowing or motoring dinghy with a more traditional look and feel and simple hull shape. She is easier to build than the Spindrift and sports a semi-balanced lug sail that is reefable and easy to rig. Check it out.