Shackles, Hooks and Pins

  • 1/4" x 1-1/4"  Toggle Pin

    1/4" x 1-1/4" Toggle Pin

    This 1/4" Spring loaded toggle pin is used on our Spindrift gooseneck hardware sets to make the boom easily removable.  Diameter: 1/4" Usable length: (between spring and toggle) 1 1/16" Overall length: 2"
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  • Halyard Shackle Halyard Shackle

    Halyard Shackle

    We have heard from one of our builders that this item is of good quality and they were very happy with it for their Core Sound 17. Note: If you buy an items using the Amazon links below. It means that B&B might receive an small commission from...
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  • 2" Snap Hook

    2" Snap Hook

    This is a spring loaded "snap-hook" great for quick rigging and unrigging.
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  • S-hooks The Larger RF-48A can be easily attached to a 20mm Ronstan Block as shown.


    Large: This Stainless S-hook is 1/4" thick. It is used on all our sails to connect the downhaul grommet of the sail to a small block such as the RF-20101. The hook can be twisted open to install the block for a very tidy assembly.  https://www...
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  • Stamped Shackle 5mm pin

    Stamped Shackle 5mm pin

    Stamped SS shackle with 5mm pin. Used to connect hardware to the boat via an eyestrap like the Har073. These will fit throught opening of the 20mm Ronstan blocks with some persuasion allowing a block to be connected to a snap-hook. This is usefull for...
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