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Eyestraps and Fairleads

  • Large SS lined fairlead #122

    Large SS lined fairlead #122

    Large: SS lined fairlead. Hole diameter 7/16" Perfect for redirecting larger lines such as sheets. Used on the Core Sound designs for redirecting main and mizzen sheets in the cockpit.  Will...

  • Boom Bail

    Boom Bail

    This is a stainless "strap" or boom bail. Used to hang hardware under the boom of a boat. This is used on the Spindrift for attaching the boom vang. 64mm (2 1/2") long. 4 x 5mm (3/16") dia. fixing holes.

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  • Small SS lined fairlead #121

    Small SS lined fairlead #121

    Small:  SS lined fairlead. Hole diameter 5/16" Perfect for redirecting control lines on deck around the cockpit such as the halyard, or downhaul.   

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  • SS lined bushing

    SS lined bushing

    Small SS lined bushing. Hope size: 9/32" (7mm)    

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  • Small plastic fairlead

    Small plastic fairlead

    Small plastic fairlead. Hole diameter 9/32" (7mm) Good for low load applications like rudder uphaul lines.   

  • Large Eyestrap

    Large Eyestrap

    Large Stainless eyestrap. See harken site for exact dimensions.

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  • Small Eyestrap

    Small Eyestrap

    Small Stainless eyestrap. General purpose. 3/16" holes for #10 fasteners. Used for attaching hardware to masts or on deck.

  • Micro Eyestrap

    Micro Eyestrap

    Harken 281 micro eyestrap. Use this on top of a small cam cleat (Ronstan Rf-5001) as a fairlead works great! See harken for dimensions.  

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