Outer Banks 26

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Particulars: ft-in [mm]

LOA (hull):  26'-0" [7925] 
LOA + Motor (raised) ~29'-0" [8839]  
Alternate LOA: (with bracket option and motor raised): ~32'-0" [9754] 

Beam Overall:   8'-6" [2591] 
WL Beam:  7'-8" [2337] 
LWL:  23'-11" [7290] 
Draft Hull:    15-1/2"  [394] 

Empty Weight:    3,000 lbs  [1360 kg]
Displacement:    4,500 lbs  [2040 kg]
Pounds per inch immersion:   750 lbs  [340 kg]
Deadrise:   12 deg.
Fuel Capacity: 50-80 gal  [190-300 L]
Power:   90-150 HP

LCB/LWL: 0.61
CP: 0.72


The Outer Banks was developed as a bigger sister to the Outer Banks 24 and the very popular Outer Banks 20. 


Outer Banks 20 Plans and Templates: 
Construction plans with full size mylar templates are available. (Scroll to the bottom of this page for available products)


Outer Banks 26 Jig Kit: 
We are pleased to offer a jig kit for the Outer Banks 26 design. Details will be posted very soon with a video tour of the kit and the design. 




Ken writes, "Rosie was launched today. It is said there is no such thing as a perfect boat. Today I had a hard time finding truth in that statement. She glided off her trailer and floated PERFECTLY on her lines." "The designed displacement is 3,360. I weighed her on the trailer and she came out at 3,000lbs." Power: 90hp Best Economy: 16-18knots at 4.4-4.1nmpg Top speed: 25.6knots at 2.6nmpg.  See the data

Above: Hull #1 'Rosie' at 18 knots. 


Hull #1 was launched in June of 2019 pictures here. Also, check out her complete build thread on our builders forum. Ken did an amazing job on his build. A custom build jib crane was added so that he could store his Spindrift 9 dinghy on the cabin top. 



Hull #2: .    Photo Album   and   Build Log (forum)  (updated every few weeks)

Hull #2 is the first OB-26 to be built from a CNC cut kit by B&B. The keel was laid in Aug. 2021. The owner decided they would like a bracket on the back to increase available cockpit space and hopefully reduce engine noise. They will also be using a larger 150hp motor. Due to the larger motor and higher potential impact loading, the bottom scantlings were increased from a single layer of 12mm okoume to 1 layer of 9mm and 1 layer of 6mm okoume.