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256-running.jpgOcracoke 256 Hull #3 launched in October 2017. More pictures


The 256 is an exciting addition to B&B’s Ocracoke line of powerboats released in October 2015. We have spent many many hours developing every aspect of her construction with the home builder in mind. At 25' 6" she is the second largest Carolina Style design we offer plans for. Need bigger? Check out the Cape Lookout 28.


LOA………27′-11″ [8.509] m ….. (including bracket)
Length on deck……25′-6″
LWL………21′-2 14” [6.386] m
BEAM………8′-6″ [2.590] m (Trailer-able width)
DRAFT/ hull………13 58” [34.6] cm @ DWL
Dry Weight (without engines)………2700 lbs
(1225 kilos)
*DISPLACEMENT………3300 lbs (1497 kilos) @ DWL
**Max horsepower……300
Deadrise… 16 degrees
Pounds (kilos) Per 1” [25mm] immersion: 640# (290 kilos)
*Displacement based on 50% tankage, single 300hp motor and recommended materials. Different plywoods and or different fiberglass weight and optional gear will change boat weight.**Recommended horsepower rating based on designed scantlings.
Pictured Below is Hull #2 Jigged up and then Planked. Photos by Steve Mccormick. More here
20160218-180329.jpg  20160414-150637.jpg

Above, the first Ocracoke 256 to hit the water. 
"Sheila B" Built by John and Katrina in Vanuatu. 
"We launched without too much hassle, cracked the champagne and my wife Katrina christened her Sheila B after her late mother. The inevitable small sorting details were noted but otherwise she went really well. Love the Evinrude G2 (200hp). We hit 40 knots in a light chop. The boat is very dry and easy to handle. We are very much looking forward to enjoying some great times aboard."         -JOHN    

Open Version: The open model (below) incorporates a raised casting platform forward and unimpeded access around the cockpit. A central opening hatch is shown standard but not cut out in the kit.
Cuddy Version: The cuddy (below)  model trades the open third frame for a solid bulkhead with companionway door and the casting platform becomes a pair of modest bunk tops (approximately 84″ long bulkhead to bulkhead). A companionway cutout is the only opening in the otherwise solid foredeck. A composting head could be hidden under the bunks forward of the second bulkhead.
The 256 has been designed specifically with an integral plywood bracket which is built into the kit to ensure correct positioning and proportions. The bracket consists of six 1/2″ plywood webs that pass through the transom and extend the bottom stringers and keel. Laminated 3/4″ plywood layers form the bracket transom and top and bottom panels complete the box structure which is fully glassed to the hull and creates a nice swim platform. The 32″ buoyant bracket can accommodate either twin or single engine installations. For maximum performance a single engine is preferred for both weight savings and increased efficiency.
The 256 is jig built using the ashcroft method. Shown below without planking. The basic kit includes all the plywood frames and plywood bottom stringers, keel/stem and temporary frames (shown in green). CNC cut Okume plywood bulkheads and 3/4″ Birch plywood temporary frames are standard with the basic kit.
Stem/Keel: A complete stem and keel kit is part of the basic option which consist of 17 individual CNC cut Southern Yellow Pine parts which scarf together to form the complete keel . The keel is formed by laminating 3 layers with alternating scarf joints. The starboard stem pieces is shown below. All CNC cut stem/keel parts have markings for bulkheads and temporary frames as well as any stringer positions, waterline, and bearding line for fitting.
Tankage: The standard configuration uses twin 55 gal fuel tanks. This configuration allows for an under console head arrangement. It also allows for access to all tank fittings from inside the console. 

We offer full size printed templates on rolls of dimensionally stable mylar (shown below). Two 24″ wide mylar strips are taped together to give full size outlines of all CNC parts. Using the full size templates and detailed plan sheets, the parts can be accurately duplicated and assembled just like the cnc cut kit.

All Plan sheets are printed on Architectural “D” (24″x36″) paper. Detailed plans consist of the 8 sheets shown below which detail all aspects of construction.


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The Jig kit is our basic CNC cut hull kit to get the boat "jigged up" in no time flat. It is not a complete kit and does not include all of the plywood needed for construction but is a great option if you have plywood available locally and want to save on shipping the raw materials for planking. The CNC cut parts included are:

  • Southern yellow pine keel/stem.
  • Permanent and temporary frames for jig construction.
  • Plywood bottom stringers.
  • Transom laminations. 
  • Bracket components.
  • Chine flats.

Below, the kit parts sheet shows the parts of the jig kit along with the optional CNC cut cockpit sole and decks. Parts in Green are temporary frames. All parts are numbered and clearly identified.


Below, The CNC cut Transom is constructed of 3 layers laminated over a camber jig. Blue lines shown below are drawn by CNC machine indicating the location of bottom stringers, cockpit sole and frame doublers making assembly and alignment of a complex part a straightforward operation. 



Additional Plywood: If you don't have a good source of plywood to finish out the jig kit this option adds all the extra sheets you'll need to plank the the boat as well as material for the cockpit sole and decks.  



What else will I need? In addition to the jig kit and additional plywood. You will need to source....


Dimensional Lumber (2x8) used to build the Jig Base or Strongback. Solid wood for side stringers, chine batten and sheer clamp. These are easily ripped up by the builder using locally sourced material and scarfed together to the length required. Epoxy, which can be supplied by B&B as well as fillers and pumps. Fiberglass cloth for reinforcing the hull. 



Additional CNC cut parts option: For those who want even more pre-cut parts, this add on option includes the 12mm cockpit sole CNC cut to rough size to make it easier to fit into the boat and the 9mm deck parts cut slightly oversize for final install and trimming. These parts would otherwise be patterned off of the boat "as built".



Additionally, the bottom planking is cut to rough size with our "finger joint" scarfing method, this option saves the builder the time of scarfing and fitting the bottom planking. 


Plywood Center console Kit: $590
The console is 62″x36″x44″ (L-W-H). The console features a integral foot rest and self draining forward locker with lifting seat hatch. The console has been designed for internal storage or for an under deck porta potti. Access inside the console can also provide access to all fuel tank fittings.
The console kit consists of the cnc cut plywood parts to assemble the console. Solid stock for cleats should be sourced locally. The kit does NOT include any hardware, fittings or T-top structure. This is left to the builder.  Note that detailed plans for the console below are included in the plans. 



  • Ocracoke 256 Plans Ocracoke 256 Plans

    Ocracoke 256 Plans

    Plans and Templates:All Plan sheets are printed on Architectural “D” (24″x36″) paper. Detailed plans consist of the 8 sheets shown below which detail all aspects of construction. Full size templates printed on 24" wide mylar film...
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