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  • 2" Snap Shackle

    This is a spring loaded "snap-hook" great for quick rigging and unrigging.

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  • 20mm BB Standup Block

    Ronstan 20mm ball bearing standup block. Works with up 1/4" line Uses for this block include: -Redirecting lines such as halyard, downhaul, snotter that are coming down from the main mast aft to...

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  • Auto-release Clamcleat

    Seadog Auto-release mini cleat. We use these on all of our rudder downhaul lines. This cleat (when installed properly) will flip up and allow the line to be released when the line is highly loaded. Great for shallow water sailing where running aground...

  • Boom Bail

    This is a stainless "strap" or boom bail. Used to hang hardware under the boom of a boat. This is used on the Spindrift for attaching the boom vang. 64mm (2 1/2") long. 4 x 5mm (3/16") dia. fixing holes.

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  • ClamCleat

    Seadog 211 "racing junior" clamcleat. All aluminum construction. Good for high load applications. This cleat is used throughout the Core Sound series for securing all control lines and halyards.  When used with halyards especially it should be...

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  • Harken Tiller Extension - Various Lengths 600mm

    Brand: HARKENFeatures: The simple and lightweight design has no unnecessary frills—every aspect contributes to its strength, stiffness, or comfort.The universal joint and nonslip foam grip are UV-protected and perfect for full dagger-grip and fingertip...

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  • Large Eyestrap

    Large Stainless eyestrap. See harken site for exact dimensions.

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  • Large SS lined fairlead #122

    Large: SS lined fairlead. Hole diameter 7/16" Perfect for redirecting larger lines such as sheets. Used on the Core Sound designs for redirecting main and mizzen sheets in the cockpit.  Will...

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  • Medium Cam Cleat Wedge Kit

    Medium Cam cleat Wedge Kit. Sits under the cleat to change the angle. Incoming lines into a cam cleat need to be level with the cleat or coming "up" into the cleat not down into it or else they will pop out under load.  https://www.ronstan...

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  • Micro Eyestrap

    Harken 281 micro eyestrap. Use this on top of a small cam cleat (Ronstan Rf-5001) as a fairlead works great! See harken for dimensions.  

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  • Mini ClamCleat (no fairlead)

    Seadog 222 "mini" clamcleat. All aluminum construction. Does not have a fairlead like the CL-211. Good for things like rudder uphauls where a smaller cleat is desirable.  Works well for 3/16" and 1/4" line.  https://sea-dog...

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  • Plastic ClamCleat

    Seadog 203 clamcleat. All plastic. Good for lower load applications such as where you already have a lot of purchase on the line.  Works well for 3/16" and 1/4" line.  

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  • Racelite Cheek Block

    We really like this little cheek block. It runs on an acetal sheave (no ball bearings) but works extremely well and is very low profile. This block is used on all of our sprit booms for running reefing lines forward as well as on our Spindrifts as a...

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  • RL-358 Rudder Gudgeon

    Light duty rudder fitting for use with RL 358 Pintle. Made from 5/8" wide by .060" thick stainless steel. Fits a 5/16" diameter pin. Total length is 4". Takes #10 fasteners. This gudgeon is used with all of our Designs under 15' feet such as the...

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  • RL-358 Rudder Pintle

    Light duty rudder fitting for use with Racelite 358 Gudgeon. Made from 5/8" wide by .060" thick stainless steel. Fits a 1 1/4" wide rudder but is easily bent wider or narrower to fit rudders between 3/4" wide up to 1 3/4" as is the case for the Spindrift...

  • Ronstan Battlestick Universal Joint (55188)

    Brand: RonstanColor: BeigeFeatures: Ronstan Battlestick Universal Joint (55188)Publisher: RonstanDetails: Universal JointSmooth, uniform rotation in all directions and a quick, firm reponse to steering movements. The RF3133 universal joint with snap-on...

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  • Rudder hold down

    Small swiveling rudder hold down. Installed above the top pintle when the rudder is on the boat. It prevents the rudder from lifting out of the gudgeons during a grounding or in the event of a capsize.  Install with a little blob of silicone or a...

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  • S-hooks

    Large: This Stainless S-hook is 1/4" thick. It is used on all our sails to connect the downhaul grommet of the sail to a small block such as the RF-20101. The hook can be twisted open to install the block for a very tidy assembly.  https://www...