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    Tiller Clutch (standard) Tiller Clutch (standard)

    Tiller Clutch (standard)

    We are happy to partner with Pete at Wavefront the developer of the one and only TILLER CLUTCH. We love the tiller clutch for all our small boats. It has the best action of any tiller holding system and uses only the highest quality materials...
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    Now: $84.95
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  • Harken Tiller Extension - Various Lengths 600mm

    Harken Tiller Extension - Various Lengths 600mm

    Brand: HARKENFeatures: The simple and lightweight design has no unnecessary frills—every aspect contributes to its strength, stiffness, or comfort.The universal joint and nonslip foam grip are UV-protected and perfect for full dagger-grip and fingertip...
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  • Ronstan Battlestick Universal Joint (55188)

    Ronstan Battlestick Universal Joint (55188)

    Brand: RonstanColor: BeigeFeatures: Ronstan Battlestick Universal Joint (55188)Publisher: RonstanDetails: Universal JointSmooth, uniform rotation in all directions and a quick, firm reponse to steering movements. The RF3133 universal joint with snap-on...
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  • Tiller extension swivel

    Tiller extension swivel

    Swiveling tiller extension hardware. Fits 3/4" diam tube. A tiller extension is very necessary on a sailboat. Without one the capitain is a slave to the back of the boat. With one you can lean forward, lean backward, hike out, or stand up while driving...