Class Globe 5.80 Kit

 B&B is a proud partner of the Class Globe 5.80 organization and is the designer of the KIT for the Globe 5.80 sailboat designed by Janusz Maderski for the Globe 5.80 one design class. Read all about the class on their website

Here are some pictures from the first kit produced in the USA which was Hull #30. 

For more information you should visit the Globe 5.80 website and their facebook group. They also have a Builders Group and their own Forum

The video below describes every part in the boat and the assembly procedure as well as gives a very detailed idea of what is included in the kit. You should watch this entire video before deciding to purchase a kit. If you are interested in purchasing a kit for the boat you will first need to purchase a set of plans and attain an official hull number.

Please make sure you read all of the documentation provided for the class. We are not in charge of the class and likely do not know the answer to you class related questions but we did develop the kit for the boat and are happy to answer any questions about the assembly and construction of the kit or will help you find the answer! This is NOT a stitch and glue boat kit like many of our designs. Instead this build uses long standing "plank on frame" construction techniques with plywood for planking. The interior of the boat is not "filleted and taped" like a stitch and glue boat however the exterior is reinforced with fiberglass for strength. 

Kit Options: See below for details

*still requires additional non-cnc cut solid timber, see below.

**port cutouts are left solid in the sheer strake panel as boats meant for ocean racing must only have a single port in this panel. Make sure you are up to date on all the required specs for a class legal ocean racing build. The 5.80 website is the place to learn about this. 

*** if purchasing the rudder and daggers separately from the kit the cost is $900 to account for the material used. 


NEW: Click here to read through the Recently asked and answered questions about the 5.80 Kit (last updated 7/14/2020)


Kit Deposit: (50% of Kit price) CLICK HERE to checkout and get on our production schedule. 
We require a 50% deposit for the kit. We will provide an estimated ship date when you place your deposit. The balance of your kit and any additional options will be due when the kit is complete and ready to ship. Payments can be made by CC but we prefer check. Please see our available options below.

Shipping time:  3-4 weeks typically
Typical production time for a kit of this size is 3-4 weeks depending on material stock. You can of course also pick-up your kit at our workshop. We have a tractor and can load the crate into a trailer or pickup truck for your convenience. 

CNC Cut Plywood: 

smaller-ply-sheets.jpgThe kit relies on the accuracy of the cnc cut plywood parts and this is the most basic kit option. These parts are cut from 25 sheets of 9mm Okume Marine Plywood as required by the class association. If you purchase only the plywood components you will need to source your own solid timber framing and manually cut them. As an alternative to the CNC cut Timber parts, we can provide cnc cut plywood door-skin templates to use for the assembly of frames B, C, D and E which are "open" frames as well as templates for the deck beams for an additional $300. These frames can also be built simply from the dimensions on the plans. 


 CNC Cut Solid Timber Framing, Deck Beams, and Stem:

milled-timbe.jpgCut from 5/4" thick Clear Southern Yellow Pine Boards these parts are all numbered and planed to final thickness. Parts are left "in the board" with bridges for ease of transport and are knocked out and bridges removed before assembly. 

Note: Additional Timber is required that is not included in this option.
-Oak timbers for keel floors and mast support posts (price TBD)
-Additional Pine boards for ripping to make hull stringers and battens (price TBD)



Estimate of 21gal based on hull surface area and required glass thickness.


 Cabosil Thickener 

6 lbs of our cabosil and wood flour blend used to thicken epoxy for gap filling, laminating and structural gluing


Fiberglass Package (using 9mm Meranti for the hull)

-6" x 9oz fiberglass tape x 30 yards (Tape for lower chines) 2 layers for 600g/m2
-4" x 9oz fiberglass tape x 1 roll (50 yds) (Tape for lower chines) 2 layers for 600g/m2
-3" x 9oz fiberglass tape x 1 roll (50 yds) (tape for deck, sheer joints)
-50" x 10oz cloth x 25yds (Deck and cockpit reinforcements)
-50" x 1708 double bias glass x 25 yards (bottom, sides, transom sheathing) ~800g/m2 for 9mm Meranti
-1lb tub of 1/4" chop strand mat for skeg filler.
Fairing Filler:
-3M ceramic microspheres 4 gal


CNC cut White Oak "strong" wood parts:

These include the keel floor timbers to which the keel plate is bolted and the mast support beam and posts. These parts are laminated from clear white oak and cnc cut to exact size. 


CNC cut Laminated plywood Rudder: 

The rudder is laminated from layers of 9mm meranti ply and the cnc cut to 3d shape. It is ready to sand smooth and fiberglass. The layers fit into the kit sheets so if you purchase the rudder with the full kit there is a discount as opposed to purchasing the rudder by itself. We offer the rudder and oak parts separately from the kit for builders building from plans. 


CNC cut Laminated plywood transom skegs:

These optional skegs are mounted to the transom and provide additional directional stability to the boat for offshore heavy downwind conditions. The parts are laminated from 9mm meranti plywood and cnc foiled to shape ready to be sanded and fiber glassed. 


Shipping Estimate: (contact for an estimate to your zip code)

Plywood Shipping Crate: 8' x 4' x 12"  ~750lbs
Solid Timber Shipping Bundle: 8' x 20" x 8" ~350lbs
Epoxy Shipping boxes: 12x12x12 (4 gal per box) 40lbs per box. 6 boxes
Epoxy Thickener boxes: 12x12x12 x 2 boxes

Total Weight: ~1500lbs for plywood, timber and epoxy

Shipping Estimates below include full value insurance, private residence delivery and liftgate fees. Prices subject to change at any time. Actual shipping cost is determined at time of shipping based on the actual weight of the crate. 

Los Angeles, CA- $1100
Michigan - $800
Florida - $800
Maine - $900

Cheaper options are available for service center pickup or business/loading dock shipping address delivery locations. Private residence and Lift gate fees are $90 each (you need this if not delivering to a loading dock). If you have a full size pickup truck and can collect the crate at the shipping center near you you can save $180 on the below estimates.