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B&B Epoxy

Update: May 5th 2021. We are temporarily out of epoxy! We are expecting more in about 4 weeks (Hopefully be the first of June) with delays due to global shipping slow downs. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause on your build. 

 We buy our high quality 2:1 Marine Epoxy in bulk for use in our workshop and decant it just for you! If you are using it, we are using it! What we sell to our customers is (and always will be) from the same drum that we are using every day so we know it works. We have two hardener options "slow" and "fast". If you are working in a colder shop consider the fast. You'll still have about a half hour of working time. Or get a mix ( Eg. 3 gal kit with 1/2 gal of slow and 1/2 gal fast).

Be sure to check out our article on the basics of working with epoxy

  • 1oz Epoxy Pumps

    $5 each OR 2 for $9 Make sure you get 2, one for resin and one for hardener. We include a 1/2 stroke "clip" with one pump which is used in the hardner. The means you'll automatically get the correct 2:1 ratio (resin:hardener) when you pump ONCE from each...

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