• Auto-release Clamcleat

    Auto-release Clamcleat

    Seadog Auto-release mini cleat. We use these on all of our rudder downhaul lines. This cleat (when installed properly) will flip up and allow the line to be released when the line is highly loaded...
  • ClamCleat


    Seadog 211 "racing junior" clamcleat. All aluminum construction. Good for high load applications. This cleat is used throughout the Core Sound series for securing all control lines and halyards...
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  • Mini ClamCleat (no fairlead)

    Mini ClamCleat (no fairlead)

    Seadog 222 "mini" clamcleat. All aluminum construction. Does not have a fairlead like the CL-211. Good for things like rudder uphauls where a smaller cleat is desirable.  Works well for 3/16"...
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  • Plastic ClamCleat

    Plastic ClamCleat

    Seadog 203 clamcleat. All plastic. Good for lower load applications such as where you already have a lot of purchase on the line.  Works well for 3/16" and 1/4" line.  https://sea-dog...
  • Small Clamcleat

    Small Clamcleat

    Seadog 211-mk2 clamcleat. All aluminum construction. Shorter than the 211 mk1 and with a fairlead. Good for applications where a small cleat footprint is desirable.  Works well for 3/16" and...
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