LOA 12′      Beam 5′      Draft 6″ plus motor

LOA 3.66     Beam 1.52    Draft .152

Pictured below is the first Jessy 12 and the results of her first outing on the water under power. 

Due to popular demand we created a full planing version of our Mandy/Amanda skiff. One boat cannot do it all. While we came close we cannot defy the laws of physics.The Jessy is a pure planing hull, she will run 20 mph with only a 9.9 hp motor. To do this we gave up sailing and rowing qualities. We increased her beam to 5′ to both enhance her planing qualities and to give more stability for hard turns and for a better payload. She comes with a hatch in the forward bulkhead for an anchor locker as well as the stern lockers. We recommend some flotation in the three lockers.

Like her sisters she is designed to be built quickly from a kit. She is an ideal first build introduction to stitch and glue construction.

With a 4 hp motor with one person she topped out at 12 mph and 22mph with 8 hp. With two people and an 85# dog, 4 hp could not plane but made 17 mph with 8 hp.

We also have a custom cradle available, made for this boat (see below).  It will hold the boat rock steady and level both in an upright and bottom up position for the optimal work surface during construction.  The folding cradles include a lower tray to keep  your tools off of the ground.  These will also make the perfect storage arrangement for your Mandy, Amanda or Jessy.  Inscribed with our hypocycloid, you will be showing off your stored boat. The cradle folds flat when not in use. The cradles are made from CNC cut 3/4″ birch plywood.

                                                                         Below a Mandy (similar to the Jessy) is getting her chines ready for glass taping at the Wooden Boat Show Mystic Seaport family boat building program 2012.

Jessy 15 and 17 coming soon….