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We pride ourselves on offering innovative designs with sophisticated shapes, unparalleled performance, and a focus on design details which make the best of boating available to both professional and amateur builders. Around the world, the B&B logo is a symbol of quality and service in yacht design.

Over many years B&B has developed a diverse offering of efficient and beautiful boats. Our designs are born of necessity with an unwavering focus on function, performance, and ease of construction. Our plans are equally professional and comprehensive and all of our work is backed by our commitment to customer service.

B&B Donates Amanda Kit to Sea-Legs.org

We’re pleased to announce a recent partnership with Sea-Legs.org. B&B has recently donated a complete Amanda Kit to this great organization to help them in their fundraising and awareness efforts for their new Apprentice Program– teenage sailors refurbishing donated boats. Sea-Legs recently acquired a completed Amanda and has had it on display at the boat shows in Providence, RI and Hartford, CT. This new kit will be sold to raise money for their programs and also spotlight the Amanda as a great boat kit for all levels of boat builder and sailor. Thanks to Richard Lathrop and the Sea-Legs team for giving us the opportunity to help. Check them out on facebook.

Above: Amanda on display at the Sea-Legs booth at the Hartford boat shown in CT.

Graham Byrnes takes a Vacation…it’s about time!

Watertribe Everglades Challenge 2017

Those of you who know Graham know that he takes a vacation about once a decade. You can call him a workaholic but really he just loves playing with boats and makes that a priority. This time he may have actually reached that unreachable daydream we all have. He is on a sailing vacation promoting B&B on the water leading up to this years Everglades Challenge.  For the latest updates on his adventures, check the Messabout Forum. And click here to see Graham’s current location. And when you have a chance, take an in depth 45 min tour of Graham’s boat (below) a mostly stock Core Sound 17 Mark 3.

Click here to learn more about the race and get the links you need to follow us down in Florida this year.

— B&B Messabout 2016 —

It’s the event you’ve all been waiting for. The B&B Messabout is currently underway!!  Be sure you join our messabout Facebook group to see the latest pictures and stories. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, come on by there’s always room for one more.

Mid Atlantic Small Craft Festival “MASCF” 2016

B&B will be waving the flag at MASCF this weekend. Alan and Taylor will have their Core Sound 17 and the Expedition Sailing Canoe. Graham and Beth are bringing the freshly painted Core Sound 17 Mark 3 Carlita. Hope to see some friends there. (below picture borrowed from CBMM website.)

Photo Gallery from the event: CLICK HERE

Introducing the Ocracoke 20B

You’ve been asking for it. The new new Ocracoke 20B is here. We’ve added an integral plywood bracket into the popular Ocracoke 20 and increased the deadrise for even better offshore performance.

Aug. 25: Rough Point 37 Flipped

Hugh Wilde and his team just passed a big milestone on the new Rough Point 37. The boat is now upright. An unprecedented amount of structure was built into the jig allowing the hull to be easily flipped with no additional temporary structure. Hugh reported that the hull didn’t even creak and it doesn’t even have a deck on it yet. Check out more of their progress on the Rough Point FB page.

B&B featured in Watercraft Magazine

Read all about it. B&B’s new Core Sound 17 and 20 Mark 3 design featured in this months issue of Watercraft Magazine. Click here to READ THE ARTICLE.

B&B returns from 25th annual

Wooden Boat Show at Mystic Seaport, CT

This year B&B brought four Moccasin 14 Canoes, one Amanda and one Jessy to the show. With some amazing families and fantastic weather, we were able to launch all 4 canoes Sunday afternoon.

B&B Finishes First in 2016 Watertribe Expedition Races

Graham and Alan have returned from the 2016 Everglades Challenge and Ultimate Florida Challenge both with first place finishes in their classes. Hard testing like this is what we enjoy most about small boat sailing. We are proud to show once again that plywood, epoxy, aluminum and dacron in the proper configuration results in safe, reliable craft with the strength to carry on as long as the sailor can endure.

Click here to read more about the event we just completed!

Our writeups and lots of video from the challenge will be coming soon so check back here!

Alan Stewart sailing the B&B Expedition Canoe during this years Ultimate Florida Challenge. A circumnavigation of Florida. Alan was the first solo craft to complete the course and set a new record.

Graham Byrnes sailing the new Core Sound 17 Mk3 in this years Everglades Challenge. Graham was the first solo sailor in Class 4 (small sailboats) to finish the over 300 mile course in challenging conditions.

NEW Outer Banks 20 Complete Kit

Now you can build an Outer Banks 20 from a kit!

The first kits for the Outer Banks 20 have been produced and we are looking forward to seeing them go together. This boat continues to attract even the old salts with her shapely lines and great proportions. We’ve spent a lot of time refining the original and making this kit as easy as possible. CNC cut bulkheads, frames, keel, and stem combined with a two-piece developed panel bottom mean that you’ll have the hull put together and on your way to gunk-holing in no time. Check it out.

Announcing the new Ocracoke 256

You’ve been asking for it. Here she is. The 256 features an integral bracket and two cockpit models to choose from. Lots of customization is possible with this kit and all in a package that is offshore capable and trailer-able.

Stay up to date with B&B on our Facebook Page and don’t forget to check out the B&B yacht designs forum at. www.Messing-About.com

Custom Sailtrack

B&B introduces a brand new custom aluminum sail-track for small boats. Currently only available through B&B. This track has been developed to replace the expensive stainless steel external track and utilizes standard 5/8″ plastic sail slides. Check it out!

Download the latest versions of the assembly manual for the new CS-17 Mark 3 and CS-20 Mark 3 online at the new Downloads Page.

The assembly manual is a great study tool and will familiarize you with the procedures involved in construction. Apply the cost of the manual to the purchase of your kit or full size templates. Checkout using PayPal. Note that these are not construction plans. How do I purchase construction plans?