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B&B Yacht Designs is a leading innovator in marine design offering sophisticated shapes, unparalleled performance, and an ease of building which makes the best of boating available to professional and amateur builders. Around the world, the B&B logo is a symbol of quality and service in yacht design.

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B&B introduces a brand new custom aluminum sail-track. Currently only available through B&B. This track has been developed to replace the expensive stainless steel external track and utilizes standard 5/8″ plastic sail slides. More information coming soon. Jump in the thread here.

top pic dougs boatNEW! Download the latest versions of the assembly manual for the CS-17 Mark 3 and CS-20 Mark 3 online at the new Downloads Page.

The assembly manual is a great study tool and will familiarize you with the procedures involved in construction. Apply the cost of the manual to the purchase of your kit or full size templates. Checkout using PayPal. Note that these are not construction plans. How do I purchase construction plans?

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