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If you have questions about one of our designs or products, please contact us by email or phone. We would be happy to let you know the latest info, provide advice, or try to answer any questions you may have.

Below we've listed some boat building products that we buy for boat building at our shop. We have personally used all of these products and can recommend them to our builders. We don't ship out these products directly but you can use the links provided to purchase them through our Amazon affiliate store and you will still be supporting us. Thank you!

Why are we posting Amazon affiliate links?
If you purchase any of the items below using these links you won't pay anything extra but B&B will still get a small percentage of the purchase as a referral reward. When we need the products listed below, we typically purchase them from Amazon because we have searched for the best price or because we like these products. If we were going to re-sell these things we would buy them from Amazon anyway!

Foam Rollers for epoxy:
Click here to buy Wooser 7" foam Rollers
We have found these to be the best value. Note that they are an "add-on" amazon product but we typically just buy one 9" pack and then add on however many 7" packs we need. We like to cut the 7" rollers in half on the band saw and use on a 3" roller cage to get into smaller areas.  These fit onto standard roller covers and don't soak up a lot of epoxy so they are not wasteful. Perfect for getting a very thin and even coat.  Pro-tip: use a pair of pliers to pull the cover off the roller before the epoxy cures.


Foam Rollers for Painting:
Click here to buy Foam "Hot-Dog" rollers seen above
For painting, these rollers work better because of the rounded tips you don't get a hard edge in the paint like you can with the 1/8" foam yellow rollers. They are easier to apply a very smooth thin coat and the hold up a bit better. No foam roller is totally resistant to the solvents in 2 part paints but they hold up for a surprisingly long time.