Spindrift 12

The Spindrift 12 is only offered in the standard configuration. There is no nesting version.

Checkout this great article in Small Boats Monthly about the Spindrift 12 to learn more. 


  • Spindrift 12 Plans

    Spindrift 12 Plans

    B&B plans are well know for being comprehensive and detailed. Even if you’ve never built a boat before, we are confident that you will succeed with patience and a steady hand. In addition to our personal support we have a wealth of...
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  • Spindrift Full Size Templates

    Spindrift Full Size Templates

    Optional Full Size Paper templates to accompany the plans. Printed on 24" wide roll paper. While the plans show all the dimensions needed this option allows the builder to simply cut out the paper parts and use them as a pattern with no measuring...
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  • S-12 Digital Plans

    S-12 Digital Plans

    Instructions: Plans contain both Imperial AND Metric versions for simplicity. Use the one you are more comfortable with. Does NOT contain full size templates. Files are in PDF format. After purchase we will email you your official hull number. This is...
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  • Spindrift 12 CNC Plywood Kit

    Spindrift 12 CNC Plywood Kit

    This kit includes all of the CNC cut plywood for the hull as well as the building cradels, temporary frame (standard version) and the cnc shaped rudder and daggerboard. It also includes CNC cut solid wood parts such as the tiller, rudder cheek spacer,...
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  • Spindrift 12 Reefing Mainsail Spindrift 12 Reefing Mainsail

    Spindrift 12 Reefing Mainsail

    Dacron Mainsail includes battens, sail logo and your hull number and a basic bag.The reefing sail features a zipper running the length of the sleeve and the sail is hoisted with a halyard as the zipper is closed around the mast. This allows the sail to...
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  • Spindrift 12 Mast Kit

    Spindrift 12 Mast Kit

    Includes 4, 6061-T-6 aluminum tubes and cnc machined starboard plastic plugs for the top and bottom. The bottom plug is machined with a key shape to fit our cnc cut laminated mast step. The mast kit requires fiberglass tape and epoxy for assembly. The...
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  • Small Rudder Hardware Kit

    Small Rudder Hardware Kit

    This kit contains all the hardware necessary for our smaller boats such as the Spindrifts and catspaw designs. -Racelite 358 Gudgeons and Pintles-Racelite 337 Rudder hold down clip-Ronstan 1127 Tiller Swivel-Ronstan 43E Tiller Extension...
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  • Mini Anderson Bailer

    Mini Anderson Bailer

    Mini Anderson Bailer. Auto suction bailer for a small dinghy such as the Standard Spindrift models, Amanda or Catspaw.  For a video of how we install this type bailer watch this video (small bailer used in video but method is the same for large...
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  • Spindrift mast base plate Spindrift mast base plate

    Spindrift mast base plate

    Note: This aluminum mast base plate is inlcuded in the standard spindrift rigging kit.  The base plate is common to all Spindrift models. It is 1/8" thick 6061 aluminum bent and drilled. Five countersunk #10 screws attach the base plate to the top...
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