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Watertribe: Everglades Challenge

What is this race?

The watertribe is a group of like minded small boat enthusiasts started by by Steve Issac known as “the Chief”. These brave men and women participate in annual unsupported multi day challenges or “races” (depending on one’s goals). They meet every year in Florida among other places for the Everglades Challenge. The Everglades Challenge starts the first weekend in March. The best way to get a handle on what this race is about is to watch the video below “THE CHALLENGE” by Warren Richey. A veteran challenger, he labored to create this wonderful documentary about the race.

More information about how B&B is participating can be found below.

Who is participating?

Click here to see a full list of participants in the event. For a review of what the different boat classes mean, read this.  The short version is:
Class 1 = Kayaks/Canoes with 1 sqm sail.
Class 2 = Kayaks and Canoes with no sail allowed.
Class 3 = Sailing canoes with rigs that can stow inside the canoe.
Class 4 = Sailboats
Class 5 = Multihulls

How can I follow along?
The Watertribe website includes a “tracking map” where the entrants can be tracked. All participants are required to carry a SPOT satellite Tracking unit.
-Select the year for the event.
-Select “class 4” for small sailboats to see how the monohulls are doing.

There will also be discussion on the watertribe forum as well as the watertribe facebook page. These sources typically have very up to date information about the challengers, who has dropped out, who is sleeping, who has broke down, etc. You can also check on the messabout forum for a thread on the Event.

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