The Flyfisher is a 13′ canoe that is slightly wider at the chine than our Moccasin canoe.  This offers the paddler more stability with slightly less turn on a dime agility.

The boat was specifically designed to suit the needs of fly-fishing enthusiasts who would like the option of being able to fish in waters not adjacent to accessible shore line.  The beamier design allows you to sit and cast without the weight movement making you feel as though the boat will turn over from the movement of the cast.  The bow was shaped to be quiet when hit by chop which is very important for the fisherman and more pleasant for the recreational paddler.

Please remember that this little boat is NOT designed for white water.  But is is ideal for normal inland and sheltered coastal waters, such as lakes, rivers and bays


Construction is simple, stitch and glue with our butterfly technique to create the lovely ends.  This is an ideal project for the first time boat builder, as the woodwork is fairly simple, the constructions time is minimal and the cost very reasonable.