Launching the Rough Point 37

Launching the Rough Point 37

Posted by Alan Stewart on Feb 22nd 2020

Graham and Alan were fortunate and honored to be able to attend the first sea trials of the Rough Point 37 project. We lost a dear friend during this project and for a time she languished but thanks to her owner she is finally completed. There is an extensive build log and discussion from the builder and owner on the hull truth. If you have a few hours to kill and want to dive into the mind of our friend Buck.  It's a good read

Why outboards and not an inboard. It's all in the thread. See the owners quote below.

"I thought I would post a picture that will create understanding as to why she is an outboard. This is a picture of my channel an hour before dead low. The harbor provides the closest access to great fishing for miles but it's no place for an inboard. It's just way too shallow. Jets are a great shallow water solution but the wake they make is terrible at trolling speed and the boat yard won't service them. There are something like 36 slips in my harbor and litterally hundreds of boats. I have the biggest and best slip at the boatyard making it a priority to return the great favor with a boat they can service.

I was an inboard guy my whole life but it's worth changing to outboards for the location."

he also mentioned...

"I don't miss jumping overboard in the cold green water to cut line or net out of the wheels."

And here is a video from the flip of the hull.