Core Sound 15

CS-15 Specs:
LOA………15′-214” [4.64] m
BEAM………5′-5” [1.65] m
DRAFT………7″ – 2′-8″ [0.18 – 0.81]m @ DWL
SAIL Area………100 sq. ft. [9.3 sqm] WEIGHT………300-350 lbs [136-159]kg
*DISPLACEMENT………750 lbs (340 kg) @ DWL

ENGINE………2 – 10 HP; 2 HP for trolling
*@DWL With people water ballast and gear

Capacity….5 Adults Max

Seen above demonstrating stability and control, the Core Sound 15 has been a sleeper when compared to the notoriety of her bigger sisters but she is one of our most fun boats to sail. Ease of rigging and launching combined with ample sail area and turn on a dime maneuverability make this boat a blast to take out for a quick sail without hours of setup.We have recently developed a complete kit for the Core Sound-15, see details below.

Click here to see the Core Sound 15 Gallery with consturction pictures and video. We have also put together a 21 part series on building a core sound boat featuring the CS-15 Kit.

The Core Sound 15 is rigged just like the 17 and 20. Our preferred setup uses sail tracks on the masts for simple slab reefing.

Core Sound 15 Prices

Plans Package: $76  
Comprehensive plans for the Core Sound 17 include details about all aspects of construction. Dimensioned parts and offsets are given for all developed plywood parts so that an accurate hull can be produced.

Kit Options (detailed below):
Basic Kit: $1,750 (includes plans)
Epoxy and fiberglass package: ~$650
CNC cut standard Solid wood parts: $150 or Complete solid wood kit $500
CNC cut Rudder and laminated  Centerboard: $500 (includes fiberglass cloth)
Mast Kit: $520 (tubing only – $260)
Standard Hardware/Lines Kit: ~$690 depending on options.
Sails: Main and Mizzen with 2 reefs each (color white): $795
Sails: Optional Mizzen Staysail (colors available): $275
Shipping Crate: $140 (contact us for a shipping quote)

Everythings we offer, “THE WORKS”: ~$5,330

Note that the various kit prices are subject to change depending on availability and cost of materials.

Basic Kit: $1,750  Note: Price includes plans package.

CS-15 Instructional Video

The basic kit consists of  all the plywood parts needed to complete the boat as well as CNC cut building cradles for attaching to the building cradle frame.  We have also taken the time to compile a 21 video series which details the construction and methods used in building a Core Sound boat which features the Core Sound 15 kit. Check it out here.

This kit faithfully produces a perfectly developed Core Sound 15, not a simplified or modified version. Our kits are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances. Instead of plain cut plywood panels, your kit will come with various joining methods which will make it much easier and much faster to assemble. The plywood for the hull panels and longitudinal bulkheads are joined using machined finger scarfs which produce a simple and effective plywood joint. Wire holes for stitching are pre-drilled for you. Bullheads, both transverse and longitudinal, are tenoned into position. Stringer positions are “CNC-drawn” onto the side panels and bulkheads are cut to accommodate the stringers.

gear chinebow dovetail

All plywood is BS1088 okume ply.  The pictures shows the machined dovetails in the side and bottom at the bow which gives perfect alignment during assembly.

Note: The solid stock is NOT included in this kit. Solid wood can be purchased in long lengths at your local hardware store and ripped to size. We prefer to use Pine of Fir but any medium density wood can be used. Solid wood is used for the side stringers, gunwales, keel, centerboard, and cleats needed to stiffen the plywood structure. You will also need to purchase dimensional lumber (2×4’s and or 2×6’s) to construct a cradle frame.

Epoxy/Glass Package: $650
The Epoxy and glass package is based on historical use of materials and waste concious building. Some builders choose to cover the entire bottom of the boat with fiberglass cloth which we can supply if desired.
-7.5 gallons of B&B brand 2:1 epoxy
-2 metered pumps
-Two 150 foot rolls of 3″ wide fiberglass tape.
-Two pounds of our “B&B blend” epoxy thickener (cabosil epoxy thickener with wood flour added to improve consistency and color.)

CNC cut Solid Wood Parts: $150
level 2The basic kit includes plywood cut parts ONLY. To give builders a big head start, the CNC cut solid wood parts include items that can be difficult for the home-builder with limited experience or tools to produce accurately. Ironically it seems that most builders who go for these additional parts are the MOST experienced builders because they know from experience how much of a time savings it is to have these parts ready to go! We HIGHLY recommend this option.

These parts include:
-Tabernacle sides and back. (optional)
-Two curved bulkhead beams.
-Horizontal and vertical transom stiffener beams
-Rudder cheek spacer
-Tiller halves
-Centerboard trunk King posts
-Cockpit hatch outside coaming

Complete Solid Wood package: $500
We encourage builders to make these parts on their own but it does require the use of a table saw. Maybe this is a good time to add some tools to your shop or make friends with someone who has one. That being said, some builder just want everything! So we offer every single piece of wood you need to finish the kit. We pre-cut the gunwales, inwales, stringers, keel and pre-scarf the parts to pack into our 8′ shipping crate. They are ready to glue together and use in the kit. A word of caution, if you break or mess up a part it can be expensive for us to ship you a replacement.

CNC cut Rudder and Centerboard: $500
The centerboard blank is easy to make but can daunting to shape. The CNC centerboard is made of laminated pine and CNC shaped to perfection. Sand out the tooling marks and you are ready to finish. The Rudder is CNC shaped from 3/4″ (18mm) Meranti Marine Plywood. Sand, fiberglass, paint, done. Check out the following videos on centerboard construction.
Video of Centerboard Blank Lamination
Video of CNC Centerboard Shaping
Video of CNC Centerboard Finishing

Mast Kit: $520
20150530_182339The Mast kit for the CS-15 includes all of the precut 6061-T6 aluminum mast sections for the main and mizzen20150612_170325 mast as well as our new B&B sailtrack (right) and rivets for installation. Plastic end caps and sail stops for both masts are also included. The individual mast tubes are joined to each other by wrapping the masts in fiberglass to form collars and then sanding the glass to a tight fit and gluing the sections together with epoxy. Click here to watch a video from the Core Sound 15 building series on wrapping the mast tubes with glass. Click here to  watch a video of the fitting process. The same process is used on the CS-17 masts. The masts are simple and easy to build. There is no standing rigging as both masts are free standing.

Rigging/Line Kit: $690 (depending on options)
B&B offers a complete hardware package for the CS-15 that includes all of the hardware you will need to get your boat sailing. There are many ways to rig a boat and even more opinions on how it should be done. We have come up with a hardware kit that allows for some customization such as cheaper clam cleats for the sheets as opposed to cam cleats. If your not sure, were happy to offer advice.

By all means, if you would like to customize your rigging go right ahead but we think you will find that the stock configuration is very well thought out. If you would like to make minor changes to your order just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Sails: $795 
B&B offers high quality sails for all of our models. The standard CS-15 sails include battens, and two reef points in each sail.

How long does it take to get my kit?

All kits are made to order.  We require approximately a 4 week lead time before shipping depending on material in stock. The kit is packaged in a sturdy OSB plywood box and the underside of the lid is machined partially though with the outline of the building cradle shapes. Just cut them out with a jig saw.

How do the kits arrive? The kits are shipped by truck. Transit times are between 3-6 days depending on where you are located in continental USA. You will need to make arrangement to be able to receive a box that weighs 400#.