The Moccasin 14 is a stable solo canoe that is simple to build and suitable for extended camping, fishing or just messing about. Originally designed to satisfy the need for a small easy to portage tripping canoe for the World Class Bowron Canoe Circuit in British Columbia, Canada.

Canoeist and builder of 3 Moccasin Canoes, Bill Burk was gracious enough to offer this article and pictures about his Moccasin Canoe. A testament to the simplicity and versatility of the design.

Construction: The hull is formed from four identical panels that have been carefully sized to fold together from a flat shape shown below. The M-14 kit includes these four panels pre-cut so there is no lofting or tracing. The panels are folded and held in shape with cable ties and straps until the gunwales and thwarts are installed. Then a doubler is glued into the bottom for extra stiffness before the chines are filleted and epoxied with fiberglass tape. A keel strip provides stiffness, chafe protection, and added directional stability.

Unfolded hull

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Moccasin Canoes Sizes: 12, 14, and Double
These designs are recommended as a first boat building project. Simple and quick, you will learn techniques and tips which will allow you to go into larger more complex projects with confidence. Thanks to the use of computer aided design, we have been able to combine two plywood construction methods, taking advantage of the best qualities of both and avoiding the inherent complications and restrictions of either. The folded plywood technique makes for full buoyant ends which allow the boat to stay dry and ride over waves. The ends are married into a stitch and glue chine amidships for good form stability. Because the Moccasin canoes can be built for very little money, you can afford to build a lovely canoe and who knows, maybe even work up to a larger project.

 Moccasin 12Moccasin 14Moccasin 2 (double)
Length12' or 12'-9"14'15'-6"
Weight27 lbs38 lbs47 lbs
Capacity1 Adult+1 child or 2 children1 Adult+1 child or 2 children2 Adults +gear
AvailabilityPlans OnlyPlans OR KITPlans Only

Moccasin 14 Kit walkthrough

Assembly Demo: Oriental, NC 2016

Detailed Assembly Manual and Plan sheets.

Click here to download the assembly manual for the Moccasin 14 canoe. You can use the cost of the manual as a discount on the eventual purchase of your kit!

Moccasin 14 Price List and Options:

Moccasin 14 Kit Options:Cost
Basic Kit375.00
Level 2 kit175.00
Fastening kit30.00
Epoxy and Glass Pack220.00
Seat Kit75.00
Paddle Shaft30.00
Building Cradle80.00
THE WORKS1,030.00

Basic Kit:
For the builder with some experience and perhaps who already has epoxy and fiberglass tape on hand, this may be all you need to get started. In addition, you will need some solid wood stock to rip into gunwales, inwales, and keel. You will also need a 2×6 to use as a strongback.

The basic Moccasin 14 Kit includes:
-CNC cut 4mm plywood hull panels with finger scarfs, gear chine, and wire tie holes pre drilled.
-Plywood paddle blades.
-Plywood templates for the breasthooks and thwarts to be traced and cut out.
-Plywood filleting tools

Level 2 Kit:
Don’t have a table saw? Need some more help getting started? Consider the Level 2 kit. We chose Basswood for the solid stock parts in the Level 2 kit due to it’s light weight and even grain.

The Level 2 Kit includes:
-Pre cut Basswood breasthooks and Thwarts
-Basswood Inwales, Gunwales, and keel pre-scarfed and ready to be joined.

Fastening Kit:
There is very little hardware in the Moccasin but this kit is all you need.
-SS screws for installation of the Breasthooks.
-SS screws for securing the ends of the gunwales.
-Small zip-ties for going 3-D and temporarily securing the keel and chine joints together before glassing.

Epoxy/Glass Kit:
This is a all you need to get your canoe in the water. The kit includes:
-3 gallon epoxy kit with metered mixing pumps.
-A bag of our “B&B blend” cabosil thickner for filleting and gluing.
-A roll of 2″ fiberglass tape to strengthen the plywood joints.
-Epoxy trowel for spreading epoxy during bottom gluing operation.

Seat Kit:
These parts make up the seat and seat frame. CNC cut from 9mm plywood with 4mm seat and seat back. The back band is 4mm plywood with a basswood cross brace. Also included are the basswood cradles that are glued to the sides of the canoe to allow the seat back to move fore and aft.

Paddle Shaft:
Complete your kit with a pre-shaped basswood paddle shaft for a light weight wooden paddle. The 4mm plywood blades are glued and filleted to the ends of the shaft and epoxy coated to create a simple and durable paddle.

Building Cradles:
The cnc cut building cradle consists of two plywood saw horses that bring the canoe up to a comfortable working height. They are held together with a standard 2×6 which is used as a strong-back during the installation of the bottom doubler. Keep them to use to store your canoe upside down and off the ground between trips.

Shipping Box:
The Moccasin 14 Kit ships in a 98″ x 30″ x 3″ box. Epoxy and other materials ship in a separate 12″ x 12″ x 12″ box.

A Moccasin 14 gliding smoothly down the river. -Bill Burk

Beautiful shape from simple panels. -Bill Burk

What do some owners think of the Moccasin 14?

“Since Building the first 14 foot version 5 years ago, it has been used exclusively and never given me cause for alarm even when running down a wilderness river (class 2) in Canada. It is also used throughout the year for fishing on local lakes and rivers. The Camping trips are 2 weeks long and we carry about 110 to 120 pounds of food and gear in the boats. Most trips require portaging between waterways and for this we strap the boat with all the gear to a 2 wheeled cart and hike to the next waterway. I mention this so you get an idea of the environment this boat lives in. Save for the usual scratches a canoe tends to get there is no discernible wear.”Bill Burk from Tacoma, WA

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