Outer Banks 20

The Outer Banks 20 was designed to be an economical cruiser for a couple. The design brief was for a boat with two bunks forward, a potti under V berth filler, an ice box under the companionway steps and enough galley to make coffee and simple meals. All of this had to be able to cruise comfortably on a plane at around 15 mph with a 25 hp motor and use no more than 1.5 gals of fuel an hour. She easily met her design requirements with a wide open throttle speed of 20.6 mph using a Tohatsu 25.

LOA………20′-0″ [6.1] m
LWL………18′-5” [5.61] m
BEAM………7′-1” [2.16] m (Trailer-able width)
DRAFT/ hull………9″ [23] cm @ DWL
*DISPLACEMENT………2550 lbs (1157 kg) @ DWL

Deadrise at transom… 12 degrees
Horsepower…… 25 – 60hp

Pounds Per I” immersion 440# (200 kg)

Trailering weight including 25 hp motor…*1700-1800# (772-818 kilos)

* Depending on materials and options. Weight @ designer’s suggested materials; different plywoods plus different fiberglass weight and optional gear will change boat weight.

Click here to see Outer Banks 20 Hull #1. Construction and launching Album.

About the Outer Banks 20

The hull is plywood, built over a jig. Most of the “jig” becomes permanent structure. This is not a stitch and glue “introduction to building” type of boat. However, our CNC cut kit option makes if possible for a competent amateur to easily work their way through without having to spend hours patterning all of the components. This model would also be an excellent choice for the small commercial yard.

The bottom is planked with a single layer of 3/8″ (9mm). The sides are planked with two layers of 3/16″ (4mm) ply. The side planking uses the Ashcroft method which means both layers run diagonally in the same direction, the seams in the two layers are staggered.

The entire boat is epoxy glassed outside with one layer of 10 oz. glass cloth to toughen and seal the outside of the boat. The boat is painted with epoxy primer and the top coat is two part polyurethane paint.

Built as designed, the owner will have no more maintenance than a production built polyester boat unless you want to enjoy the beauty of wood, in this case it is desirable to store the boat under cover when not in use.

Pictures below from the Bacon Outer Banks 20 Blog. Check it out.


Study PlansConstruction PlansJig KitComplete KitShipping Crate

Study Plans:
Sample plan sheets only no templates. For a detailed look at the construction without the commitment of the templates we’ll send you a selection of plan sheets printed in a reduced 11×17. These include construction and profile plan, jig plan dimensions and interior layout and details. A great gift for someone potentially interested in the boat! Deduct the cost of study plans (less shipping) from the future purchase of a complete plans set (within 1 year).

Construction Plans:
If you’re not interested in the kit options, this is what you need. All of the detailed construction plan sheets plus our full size mylar templates for transferring the parts directly to plywood.

Jig Kit:
Our most basic Kit offering. This kit includes the plans AND mylar templates. Plywood parts include: CNC cut southern yellow pine keel/stem timbers ready for scarfing and laminating. CNC cut plywood bulkheads, frames, stringers, transom layers, chine flats, and bottom panels ready to join with finger scarfs.  Also included are 7 sheets of 4mm okume for planking the topsides as well as the temporary frames CNC cut from 3/4″ birch plywood.

Mylar templates are included for the parts not included in the jig kit.

Complete kit:
This option includes all the parts in the Jig kit PLUS: CNC cut deck, cabin sides, pilot house sides, cabin top, pilot house top, cockpit soles, cabin bunk tops, outboard well sides, and aft seat parts. Helm seat and bench seat parts area also included. Templates for the deck beams are also included cut in 1/4″ construction grade plywood for tracing onto solid stock or for making a laminating jig.

Shipping Crate:
The OB-20 complete kit can be boxed up into a large crate for shipping. Dimensions: 49-1/2 x 97-1/2 x 18″ tall.

What else will I need?
Our kit options do not include solid wood for stringers and cleats that you will need. We prefer our builders to locally source this material and rip into long lengths. It is not practical for us to ship these long pieces. If you are picking up your kit from our shop we would be happy to let you select pine boards from our stock to use for your stringers.
The Jig frame is to be made of standard dimensional lumber which can be purchased at any local hardware store.
Epoxy and fiberglass supplies. We can supply your epoxy and fiberglass needs. Just ask.