Core Sound 17 Mark 3

LOA………17′-0″ [5.2] m
BEAM………5′-1012” [1.79] m
DRAFT………8″ to 2′-10″ [0.20 to 0.86]m @ DWL
SAIL Area………141 sq. ft.
WEIGHT………600-650 lbs [272-295]kg
WATER BALLAST…… 300lbs [136 kg] *DISPLACEMENT……1300 lbs (589 kg) @ DWL
*@DWL With people water ballast and gear

Following the development of the Core Sound 20 Mark 3 it seemed only fair that there should be an equally capable companion to the Core Sound 17. The CS-17 Mk3 offers the same design features as her bigger sister in a more economical package that can be towed easily by a compact car. A generous solo cruiser or weekend explorer, the 17 Mark 3 is the envy of all weekend adventurers and expedition racers.

A generous sail plan and low center of effort.

CS-17 Mark 3 “kit parts” shown above.

Available as a kit!

We have painstakingly designed the 17 and 20 Mark 3 kit’s to be built without any special techniques so that they remain within reach for the working boat builder.

"Great work on the design and CNC skills by the way, I'll never cut out another part again! Most fun I've had building a boat."
Aaron Pufal (CS17 Mk3 #10)

Designer’s Choice

Race History:
2017: Graham is currently on his way south sailing to the start of the 2017 Everglades Challenge.
2016: Graham Byrnes took first place in his class in his new CS 17 Mk3 in the 2016 Everglades Challenge. Race results.

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Construction Plans:

Assembly Manual: $35
A newly updated 48 page step by step document that details all aspects of construction! If you’ve downloaded an previous version of our assembly manual just let us know and we’ll email you the updated version.
The current version of the manual can be purchased on our downloads page note that it will be manually emailed so please allow 24 hours for receipt. If you end up purchasing a complete set of plans or kit, remind us to credit you the cost of the manual!

Full Size Templates and Construction Plans: $220
The plans set consists of 18 full color 11 x 17 sheets that detail all aspects of construction. Kit parts are labeled in each drawing referencing the kit parts throughout. The deck framing and Main Rigging sheet are available to view as a sample by clicking in the list below. We have taken all of the parts from the CNC kit and nested them in two 21’x24″ strips of mylar sheet that make up the full size templates. The sheets are taped together aligning the strike up marks to produce a templates sheet that can be used to transfer all of the part outlines onto plywood for cutting with a jigsaw. Recommended methods and sheet count are shown in the included detail sheet that accompanies the templates.
Note: This plans pack covers assembly only and does NOT include a lines plan or dimensioned parts. The plan sheets are designed to accompany the full size templates or the CNC cut Kit. 

-Parts list
-Cradle assembly
-Main Assembly
Deck Framing
-Deck Plan
-Bulkhead Detail
-Tabernacle Detail
-Cabin Hatch Assembly
-Cabin Hatch Detail
-Cockpit Hatch
-Rudder Detail
-Centerboard Construction
-Centerboard Rigging
-Spar Detail
-Sail Plan
Main Rigging
-Mizzen Rigging
-Optional Reefing Detail
-Optional Boomkin (for mounting windvane)

Kit Pricing and Information:

Basic CNC Kit: $2,700
We have spent many many hours developing this kit and it has reached a high level of precision. We think there is no other 17′ coastal cruising boat with the features offered in the 17 Mark 3, kit or otherwise.

The basic kit parts (shown below)  include every plywood part of the kit densely packed into twenty sheets of BS 1088 marine plywood. Just add some solid wood and epoxy and your off and running with your build.

Also included with the basic kit is a full size mylar template providing an easy way to produce some of the solid wood parts not included in the basic kit. Outlines for the tiller, tabernacle parts, rudder cheek spacer, as well as centerboard and rudder shaping detail are shown in this template.

The basic kit also includes the three cradle parts and plywood corner gussets shown below on the building cradle. These are attached to a shop made frame of 2×6 rails and 2×4 legs all detailed in the plans. Below, a CS-20 Mk3 sits nicely on her cradle.

B&B Companionway kit: $275
The basic kit comes with solid cabin top panels which can be fitted out however the builder desires. Some builders have expressed interest in a long “trench” style of companionway allowing for walking forward in the cabin. A trench opening however creates a unique design problem of how to seal the hatch for heavy weather sailing and also make it easy to open and easy to secure the boat while away. In the end, our stock companionway kit was developed after thinking long and hard about the boat’s potential and what we felt the majority of builders would want.

We settled on a drop board style companionway opening with a sliding hatch for accessing the cabin. Forward, an 18 1/2″ x 22″ hinged hatch provides a secure location to deploy an anchor, hank on the mainsail and tie up reef points. This hatch layout also allows for the future installation of a soft dodger over the sliding hatch “garage” as well as a solar panel over the hinged forward hatch.

Lexan Ports kit: $260

We wanted to offer an alternative to the Beckson latching ports so we came up with a kit that includes CNC cut plywood rings and Lexan ovals that glue to the outside of hull and create a shoulder for the lexan to be bedded into. This results in a clean looking dead light (a non-opening port) that is simple and cheap.

Centerboard and Rudder kit: $650

This optional package includes a CNC cut rudder and centerboard that are ready for final finishing.

The rudder is milled from 3/4″ Meranti marine plywood and the centerbaord is laminated from Southern Yellow Pine before being thicknessed and cnc machined to a perfect foil shape. Both the rudder and centerboard are to be fiber-glassed with 8oz cloth.

Also included in this kit is the cast lead tip which is fiber-glassed to the tip of the centerboard to provide the ballast for the “weighted board”. We use a sand mold to cast our lead tips. Here is a blog post about how we make our centerboards.

Spars kit: $600

The spars kit includes all the of the aluminum tubing to build the masts pre-cut to length as well as the sailtrack and rivets for attaching the track, mast caps and sail stops. We ONLY use 6061-T6 aluminum for our masts. Our mast system is a proven design that is simple to construct while being both durable and light weight.

Hardware/Rigging: $900

Our standard hardware and rigging kit includes all of the blocks, cleats, eye-straps and lines needed to rig your new boat.

Not included are the screws, nuts and bolts needed to attach the hardware which is readily available at your local hardware store. We use 18-8 stainless hardware for our boats because it is readily available and our boats do not live in the water so long term corrosion of fasteners is not nearly as big of an issue as it would be for a boat kept at the dock.

Sails: $900

This is not a kit, these sails are ready to hoist and use! Both the Main and Mizzen sail are made of high quality dacron and both include battens, sail numbers and sail logo. Each sail has 2 reef points installed offering an extremely wide range of capability. As you become more comfortable sailing in higher winds your boat will easily reef down and keep you sailing longer than the other guys.

As you become more adventurous and want to add some sails options we offer a mizzen staysail and a spinnaker. A bowsprit must be added to the boat for the spinnaker but a mizzen staysail can easily be fitted with just a few extra bits of hardware.

Optional Mizzen Staysail: $250

Optional Spinnaker: $600

What else will I need?
Solid wood for stringers and cleats is not included. We prefer our builders to locally source this material and rip into long lengths for stringers, inwales, and gunwales. . It is not practical for us to ship these long pieces. If you are picking up your kit from our shop we can rip these pieces for you and include them in the kit. Just let us know ahead of time so we can put together these extra parts.